A downloadable Mother for Windows

Mother is a sandbox management game, in which the player must route children to a habitable planet, with narrative events emboldening his adventure.

You can't save your progress. The continue button starts a special game which is unplayable.

Install instructions

Just extract the zip. And launch the .exe ! Enjoy !


MOTHER.zip 166 MB


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Is this a demo? I really enjoy the potential of the game, but medical beds and the Handy bot are not working amongst several other issues I am facing such as kids being stuck. 

Thank you for your feedback and to reply, yes it's only a demo. 

This demo was our final year exam demo at our Game Design school. So there is some issues, no saves and other problems (cause of a lack of time of development).

Aww! If you all ever decide to make a full version I would love more!

Maybe one day!  

Today we are no longer together at school, we work in the video game industry in separate studios.  Idif is still looking for work as a level designer by the way.  (If a developer ever goes through this, recruit him, he's good).